Mission Statement

Approaching the piano, its beauty is nothing short of breathtaking.

Our organization was formed in late 2023 with a single purpose: to purchase and preserve the Steinway & Sons upright piano that was aboard Olympic for most of that liner’s career beginning in 1913, #157550.

The project is a multi-faceted one:

  1. Raise the funds to purchase the piano through charitable contributions to our organization, thus preventing its loss to history from becoming part of a private collection;
  2. To find a permanent residence for the instrument in a stable, safe environment where it will be available to the public as a direct connection to the lost liner RMS Titanic, such as a Titanic museum, or similar;
  3. To raise the funds to ship the piano to that location safely;
  4. To raise the funds to maintain the instrument properly in its new location;
  5. To make the instrument available as a distinguished ‘voice’ of Titanic, being so similar to instruments lost on the doomed liner for the public to be educated by, learn from, and for professional musicians and Titanic historians to be able to utilise.

The first and most critical step will be raising the funds to purchase the piano from its current owner. Our board members are comprised of accomplished professional musicians, historians, and even a professional piano tuner and technician, and a relative of two employees of Titanic‘s First Class Restaurant who lost their lives in the disaster. Only our organization has the skill set and knowledge base to properly preserve this historic instrument for future generations to see and hear.

The RMS OLYMPIC STEINWAY ASSOCIATION, a subsidiary of the ASSOCIATION FOR THE PRESERVATION AND MAINTENANCE OF HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT INSTRUMENTS, is legally registered in Austria as a non-profit organization (with certain tax deduction benefits available). Contact us directly to see how you can help preserve a chapter of Olympic and Titanic‘s history.