Welcome to the official web site for the RMS OLYMPIC STEINWAY ASSOCIATION, a subsidiary of the ASSOCIATION FOR THE PRESERVATION AND MAINTENANCE OF HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT INSTRUMENTS. We are a legally registered non-profit organization. Our goal is to acquire, preserve, maintain, and share with the public a splendid Model K 52″ piano that was customised with an art case for the White Star liner RMS Olympic. For a full length breakdown of our mission, please click here.

The piano in question was installed on Olympic during her 1912-13 winter refit, shortly after the sinking of her better-known sister ship Titanic and seems to have remained aboard Olympic throughout most of her career. For an in-depth article about the history of this piano and its connection to Olympic and Titanic, please click here. You may also be interested in watching the documentary video below:

Please enjoy this selection of images of the Olympic piano that our organisation is attempting to preserve. (All photos courtesy of Patrick C. Vida, President of the Board for the RMS OLYMPIC STEINWAY ASSOCIATION.)

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